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MEKA was founded in 1984 and has been involved in consulting work within fisheries in countries such as Greenland, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Russia, Iran, Shetland Islands, India, Malawi, Vietnam.

MEKA has worked for International Banks and Nordic Investment Bank. The wealth of experience and the strong network built over years with experts from countries around the world, allow MEKA to continue to deliver top quality work to clients.

We offer overall solutions to Governments, Ministries and Departments, fisheries related organisations and institutions and companies.

Typically, assignments would cover a whole project from feasibility studies to implementation of custom made strategies in all sectors of the Fisheries Industry. We are also acting as a gateway to the products and services, expertise and know how our customers needs.

Our service covers:

Fish handling, processing, quality control Marketing, selling, distribution, logistics Mergers and acquisitions

Fisheries management / quota system

Fisheries education / training / courses Business analyses
Product development Fishing vessels and fishing gear Fish processing equipment


We hope that this page reflects effectively on what Meka stands for and the high quality work performed by the company.

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